Bic, writing history

Bic, writing history


We say a brand is great when it possesses the art of passing through the years and reinventing itself with the times to constantly be in step with trends without ever denying its values.  When many would mention the big, mainly American multinationals like Apple, Google, or Disney, we can be proud as a French agency to include our emblematic Bic among them.

Sixty years ago, the little Bic company popularized the ball-tip pen with its iconic pen, the Bic Cristal which would go on to conquer the world without ever going out of style.  Since then, the brand has not stopped growing, innovating or diversifying its business while preserving its values of quality and affordability, as well as its historic commitment to education. And Bic proves this once again with the launch of its latest innovation, the Bic Stylus which is no less than the emblematic Bic Cristal revisited to offer a double usage – pen and stylus.

With the constant growth of digital technology and touch screens, many operators from the world of paper goods see the future with pessimism. Some even agree that handwriting has become so rare in everyday life that it will be abandoned for digital writing in the very near future (in the US, some states have even decided to make learning cursive handwriting optional to the benefit of computer tools*).

But Bic doesn’t think so and has decided to take a counter-stance. With its Bic Stylus the brand affirms its desire to conquer new stylus markets and mark its entry into the world of technology. Plus, by keeping the “ball-point pen” aspect, it remains loyal to its values by showing the continuity between paper writing and screen writing, as if there were no border between the two worlds.

Pixelis supported Bic in its international print campaign. The agency designed a fun poster accessible to the whole family and with a strong claim “The connection between paper and screen”, to meet the challenge of showing the benefit of a double-usage product and reaffirm the brand’s extension into digital and its vocation of enhancing handwriting.

Once again, Bic rewrites history and stays in step!


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