The "Branding for Good" of Pixelis

B Corp, agency, communication, branding, brand, innovation, transformation

Autors: Aurélia Carré and Guillaume de Vesvrotte, in charge of innovation and sustainability at Pixelis


Now, up to the second article of the mini-serie...
The "Branding for good" of Pixelis

That is how we built "Branding For Good", an agency program that enables us to commit, to commit our clients and offer willing brands an opportunity to work with them on their usefulness and their values, with agility and power, which are the only tools for successfully confronting the world that awaits us. 

The agency’s responsibility commitment enables us to bond with our ecosystem and build a solid, internationally recognized proposal.

And that is what led us to adapt the agency’s offer (or, we should say, offers), to explore and, especially, anticipate with participative, tailored solutions.

We believe that Pixelis is an answer to “just us” clans and top-down communication. Our agency has become a magnet for talent and businesses that want to change the world. We have undergone deep change in order to meet their standards and enable all of our clients to understand societal responsibility and innovation at the global level.

We have just returned from San Francisco where we were received by the B Corp label (an international label covering 1800 companies that are committed to the planet and mankind) for the "Best for the World Awards", where we were distinguished with the "Best For Workers" award. This means that Pixelis is one of the only 2 communication agencies in the world (the other one is in NYC) to receive worldwide recognition for its in-house responsibility policy.

We support the Global Compact, we are Gold-level certified by Ecovadis. Our 110 employees and 50 partners are fully involved in our approach. Among our clients are some of the world’s largest mass retailers and consumer brands, along with our start-ups and non-profits.

We are all connected by the belief that businesses, all businesses, are the most powerful driver for creating a better world.


Aurélia Carré   Guillaume de Vesvrotte