Brands in real life

Brands in real life

The fusion between the real and virtual worlds is so complete that we now live a real life and a digital life at the same time. Today, everyone is drawn into this digitally-amplified life with side effects that are forcing brands to think – or rethink – a “physical” approach to their different publics. Numerous brands demonstrate their real-time reactivity on the social networks but they must also show more interactivity…in real life as well.


Coca-Cola, Be part of it

At a time when Coca-Cola is communicating on its teams who work on the social media (cf. The Hub Network, 300 employees around the world devoted to the social networks), in France, the brand has also decided to go out and meet its 3,000 employees on the different production sites.

Last November I told you about our design for the site, It is a French exception to popularise the brand’s responsible approach among the consumer public. To talk about nutrition, the brand left the virtual world for the real one with a road show that gives everyone a chance to morph into a “real” salesperson in a real store setting, with actors playing real customers…and have fun in the process.


To raise consumer awareness of its commitment to nutrition, Coca-Cola decided to make its employees the brand’s first ambassadors by sensitising them to the brand’s nutritional commitments for its entire offer.




“It’s an indispensable real-life programme to support behavioural change,” says Pixelis CSR expert and strategic planner, Aurélia Cocheteux.

France is the steering country for disseminating the brand’s CSR commitments to the various publics and our concept has also been adopted in Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Norway.


The brand with the most likes on the topic is still Apple

With its very attractive little film, Happy Social Holidays, last Christmas, the brand promoted socialisation disconnected from the social networks. The message was entirely à propos.