The CAP COM award for Eau de Paris & Pixelis

Campagne 2012, reconduite en 2013

The 2013 campaign “Ouvrez un grand cru" (Open a grand cru) won the Cap Com award (corporate communications award), for one of our favorite categories – “Changing behaviours for sustainable development”.  

For the second year in a row, the campaign objective was to highlight the message on the quality of Parisian tap water, its universal accessibility, consumption control, and protection of the natural environment.



A 360° campaign designed and deployed by Pixelis via a special event operation on 21 Parisian sites and some 100 cafés, featuring tasting sessions of Parisian water and communication hand-outs (postcards, brochures on water quality, magnets, cups, etc.). The activation was supported by a digital programme on the social networks (adgame and contents campaign on FB, Twitter, DailyMotion) and a media plan including one hundred radio ads, 500 billboards in the Parisian metro and a global PR campaign.