Evian, Volvic, Badoit and La Salvetat: strength in numbers

Evian, Volvic, Badoit and La Salvetat: strength in numbers

This year Danone Eaux France launches Origines, an awareness campaign with an educational focus to explain what natural mineral water is. The campaign covers the group’s four brands: Evian, Volvic, Badoit and La Salvetat with the tag line “Danone waters, designed by nature, protected by man”  [Les eaux Danone créées par la nature, protégées par l’homme]
While the print campaign is coordinated by BETC, Danone chose PIXELIS for its expertise in responsible communication to give the topic substance. Danone decided to tell about its four brands’ CSR commitments via innovative brand content for the consumer public.

Pixelis designed the campaign’s semantic guidelines

Our job was to justify the print campaign and provide proof of the commitment of a big brand like Evian, as well as Volvic, Badoit and La Salvetat. Danone opted for transparency and the engagement of its in-house teams by giving its employees a chance to speak via lively, spontaneous, sincere video testimonials dedicated to the consumer public. The videos incarnate the campaign tag line via pragmatic testimonials that everyone can relate to.
We also designed the graphic guidelines, all of the graphics, and the digital guidelines. For the last portion of our intervention we designed, developed and managed the production of 25 videos that can be seen on the different Danone group websites dedicated to natural mineral water.


and on evian.fr


A total of five agencies worked on “Origines”: BETC, Pixelis, Sherfi, Eqaero and GroupM

It was a fine project for Pixelis on a topic we are fond of and that fits the agency DNA.
Because French consumers are still very skeptical towards the reality of corporations’ social commitment, we believe that businesses must include their CSR in their overall communication strategy. It helps brands strengthen their bonds with their different publics and gives meaning to the brand-consumer relationship.

More information on the responsible brand (in French)