Manix clearly affirms its orientations...

Manix clearly affirms its orientations...


Currently the second leading brand on the worldwide condom market after Durex, Manix re-affirms its ambition to improve its market penetration and chat up a wider clientele.

The brand wanted to change its marketing positioning until then focused on the male target and the ideas of “solitary” pleasure and egocentric performance.


More consistency = More market shares

Our first recommendation was to harmonize the brand identity and packs worldwide. We conducted a global rebranding operation for the brand with a rationalized name across all countries (Manix or By Manix) and revamped graphic codes. The agency also entirely revised the pack range with a revealing focus on the ideas of sharing and intimacy to reach and seduce a more unisex target. In all, we adapted over one hundred packs in a dozen countries around the world.

A global strategy that enables Manix to clearly affirm its new orientations.