Pixelis signs coca-cola.fr

Pixelis signs coca-cola.fr

For a more intuitive visitor immersion into the brand world, we designed a luminous, easy-to-use site that capitalizes on the interactions with the Coca-Cola consumer community. 


Brand Consistency, for a website in constant movement

In keeping with Coca-Cola’s desire to remain close to its consumers each and every day, the new site groups all of the Coca-Cola initiatives onto a single exchange platform.  We made the site a brand site that has in fact become its main digital communication platform and key meeting place for sharing with consumers who are full players on the site and who also interact via the social networks.


The Visual storytelling guide: the agency’s creative gesture

From the start, Pixelis proposed an entry into the brand world via imagery in order to give full scope to Coca-Cola’s power of evocation. With powerful visuals and an understated layout with plenty of space, visitors are immediately in osmosis with the codes of their favorite drink. It’s a responsive site with a priority for innovative interactive content.


A site that addresses everyone, but especially each one 

Whether we are Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, or Coca-Cola Zero fans, we’re all on the same footing on the Coca-Cola.fr site. Each of the three brands works as an entry point into the Coca-Cola world. They each benefit from dedicated editorial content for each consumer community. But they all have the same connection with the brand’s strong values: sharing, conviviality, and humour. With this new site, the hit concept “Share a Coca-Cola” takes on its full meaning.