Red carpet for Hennessy's VIP clients

Red carpet for Hennessy's VIP clients

Just imagine… You are a fervent Cognac connoisseur and a VIP Hennessy customer. You receive an invitation to a private party to celebrate the launch of the 4th limited edition of its V.S.O.P. Cognac (Very Superior Old Pale). The day arrives, you dress to the 9’s, and go to the venue – an ultra-hip bar or club. From a distance you can already see huge, red, back-lit totems at the entrance topped with LED-animated sign. Everything is subtle, elegant and luminous, including the contours of the red carpet you walk on as you join the festivities. There’s no doubt about it, you’ve come to the right place!

Lovely hostesses in luminous red and black uniforms holding iPads greet you warmly and give you a luminescent bracelet in the event’s red colors. Behind the bar on a big video screen you can see the “Revelation” film of the evening’s muse, the new V.S.O.P. bottle, and a bit farther on, other screens showing close-ups of the bottle, campaign posters, etc.   

After being welcomed, you are invited to continue the adventure beginning with a sensorial “obstacle course”. You find yourself immersed in the atmosphere of a cozy space formed by slightly inclined mirror screens and are bathed in sound showers of dreamy electro music. Playful lighting from a shower of optical fibers propels you into a constellation of glittering red stars that shimmer all the way to the floor… You are enjoying an experience in an enchanting magical place; the atmosphere is intimate, sensual… This sensorial path takes you to a more low-key photocall where hostesses take your picture to immortalize this unforgettable moment.

You are directed to a new area you hadn’t noticed when you entered, which arouses your surprise and curiosity even more. There you are treated to a fantastic decor: a large dance floor edged by two lounge areas, dancing red lights and an atmosphere that is just as intimate and sensual. Nothing is left to chance; you are literally immersed in the world of the brand you love and which, with this great party, loves you back! From the big screen dancing to the beat of the DJ’s music, to the ultra-contemporary furnishings equipped with a series of optical fibers for dazzling light shows, to the walls of bottles, back-lit bar counter and luminescent waiters’ uniforms, you succumb to the charm of this special place and atmosphere and let yourself go for a night of festivities you are not about to forget.

This original high-end party concept was entirely designed and created by the Pixelis teams. Thanks to our creativity and experience in luxury, we were able to meet the demands of the LVMH group that, for the launch event of the 4th collector edition of its V.S.O.P. Cognac, wanted to recreate a place equal to its image that could be used anywhere in the world, for export to Asia and the US.