What does it mean today to be a "killer branding agency"?

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Autors: Aurélia Carré and Guillaume de Vesvrotte, in charge of innovation and sustainability at Pixelis 

We presented you our first article Let's build heroic brands!

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What does it mean today to be a “killer branding agency”?  



The challenge is to stay focused on our profession, Branding, while leaving our comfort zone with agility. Our profession is undergoing a transformation that is transforming the agency itself; it is a human adventure, an ethical, economic and almost philosophical adventure. And at the same time, it is a fundamental expectation from advertisers who more and more often ask us to help them reexamine and transform their brand to make it able to innovate, to connect it to the societal responsibility movement, to adapt it to new usages, etc. 

We have made this transformation concretely in recent years.

We have implemented and developed what we feel is vital for being able to continue to provide added value. We feel it is our duty to create the ideal environment for deepening, diversifying and increasing our value proposal.

The first step was a radical transformation of managerial mode. The ideal agency is agile and powerful, but they are usually either agile and small or powerful and slow… We thought about the best way to have a real, flexible creative group but with real clout. Beyond the corporate model freed of its horizontal hierarchy, we wanted to create a liberating company, in project mode, that enables all ideas to be tested and guarantees that the best ones will emerge concretely. For each project, the naturally established hierarchy is based on skills. And for each project, we start from scratch, making full use of the Pixelis creative resources.
In order to reinforce these resources and our prospective abilities, we developed a second point:

* Building and sustaining a living, “activatable” ecosystem with the professions bordering our specialty and even with some distant fields when asked by our clients undergoing a disruptive phase. We host start-ups and we develop start-ups, we work with FabLabs, prospecting firms, design agencies, architectural firms, experts in societal responsibility, innovation, and design thinking; we support initiatives like the Institut des Futurs Souhaitables, la Fabrique Spinoza and Meet My Project to help them grow…

And this ecosystem isn’t there just for its skills or network; it enables us to see ourselves from the outside. This ecosystem has enabled us to very quickly pinpoint the progress we needed to make and the qualities we already had.

That is how we built "Branding For Good"...
... an agency program that enables us to commit, to commit our clients and offer willing brands an opportunity to work with them on their usefulness and their values, with agility and power, which are the only tools for successfully confronting the world that awaits us. The agency’s responsibility commitment enables us to bond with our ecosystem and build a solid, internationally recognized proposal.

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 Aurélia Carré   Guillaume de Vesvrotte