Re-enchanting everyday life

Brands know that people have accepted to live with the economic crisis and that, for everyone, tensions related to diminished buying power create a need to get away, to escape the pressures of reality via the imagination, fantasy and magic.

How are brands meeting people’s need to free their imaginations?

By embracing surrealism
In our society in crisis, we can see an emerging need to let go, to no longer control everything, to accept the strange and uncertain aspect of the world. For Pixelis Creative Director Nicolas Neau, it is "A trend that illustrates the desire to let ourselves be guided by our subconscious, to remove the distinction between dreams and reality. Surrealism means creating paradoxes to perturb and surprise. It is a symbolic register that is anchored in emotion".

By renewing with living nature
We can observe a return to exuberant nature. This is directly related to climate change and public health scandals that remind us how distant from nature humankind has become.  Exuberant, vitally alive nature is coming back in a world that is all too often urban. Nature has become a symbol of life and optimism, a symbol of “real” values. It is the quest for the Garden of Eden.

By using Pop Optimism
A Happy trend is taking hold with the economic crisis: people want to see the bright side of life. It’s surrealism with an optimistic, good-mood tinge: a fun, Pop, and sometimes even silly side. It’s a touch of color, of madness and good humor. Brands are playing a positive role and supporting their consumers in a more joyful, lighthearted view of everyday life.